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Riverbed Oak

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Riverbed Oak

BRAND: Antoine Proulx


 All selections of veneers and metal finishes should be carefully made due to the fact that all veneers and finishes are specifically selected by Antoine Proulx for each piece of furniture. Because no two trees are alike, veneers used to process orders may differ from sample veneers and floor samples. Also, keep in mind that most woods darken naturally with age. Therefore, new products can be significantly lighter than older floor samples or veneer samples. Accordingly, Antoine Proulx does not guarantee an exact match to samples, nor can we control the size, location, or coloration of veneer markings.

The standard finish of the wood on all Antoine Proulx furniture is a water-based polycarbonate urethane: a water-clear, non-yellowing coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesion, resistance, weatherability, UV stability, and protection. The wood is then waxed to enhance its natural tone and depth.

Our standard NeoLacquer finish is a water-based, pigmented 100% acrylic. It behaves like any painted surface. It can scratch and chip if not carefully used. As with our standard wooden components, we recommend the use of coasters, tablecloths, and hot pads.

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